Sonic Branding

"I can still hear the sound of mum's keys rattling from outside before she opened the entrance door. I still know the boot-sound of my first gaming console, and the sound of a soda-can opening will be stuck in my head forever."

We experience brands in an acoustic way, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong. Sounds like sonic logos or custom music help companies claim their space in complex market environments. The way your brand sounds is part of your company's and product's identity. Carefully considered and designed your sonic branding will have long-lasting effects on customer satisfaction.

The acoustic story of your company is told in 4 chapters.

Sonic Logo

A sound that is deeply embedded in your company's or products' DNA. Like your visual Logo, it guides customers with ease and memorability.

Brand Music

Our composers and curators go deep within your brand to find the harmonies that will accompany your brand through all media.

Brand Voices

When your brand talks, you will want it to sound right. Our curators find the best fitting voices for all localisations.

Soundscapes and Earcons

We will create beds of sound for both physical and digital spaces as well as acoustic icons for digital applications and experiences.

Digital / Games

Sound is a complex stimulus that affects us subconsciously and consciously. When we are part of a digital experience like a game, or a virtual reality experience sounds guides our emotions and affects our minds and bodies. We tell a story through the sounds of our speaking organs every day. Global storytellers asked us to find out how their digital creation would sound.

Interaction sounds

Pressed a button, did something right or wrong? We design sounds that are organically rooted in the reality of your digital experience.

Music Scores

To build an immersive experience of games in different media, developers ask us to carefully craft soundtracks that fit to the complexity of their product – from both story and tech perspectives.

we are awee!

We are sonic storytellers. Creators of sound for brands and media of many kinds. We love working with artists and technicians from around the world, but there is a core team for guidance and consistency. If you want to get to know us, don't hesitate to fill in the form below and push the send-button. We will get back to you in no time.

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